Nordbecken Festival 2017 Yeahhh


07.07.2017  Eröffnung der Ausstellung ab 19 Uhr

Gezeigt werden Werke von Nordbecken :  Bastian Börsig, Mattis Bacht, Alex Feuerstein, Sarah Kirsch, Li-Wen Kuo, Laura Sacher, Nemanja Sarbajic, Constanze Zacharias.

Projektraum pool : Mathis Bauer, Hannah Gottschalk, Ulrich Okujeni, Jillian Sieber, Anand Stadtländer, Johanna Wagner

ab ca. 21 Uhr  Musik

leise/laut Jazz
.Gerd & DeppBlatter


9.07.2017 Film, ab 17 Uhr

Arne Strackholder
In memory of Alice de Barrau (1990 – 2016)
Pauline Fabry
Diana Menestrey
Milos Tomic
Viktor Brim
Leri Matehha

10.07.2017 Performance, ab 19 Uhr

Lena Teresa Flohrschütz
Sophie Stephan
Fang Fang
Justus Reichl & Robert Utech
Stefan Wäldele
Sascha Brosamer
Adam Rose  – April Lyn
Anna Bone

11.07.2017 Lesung, ab 19 Uhr

Kristof Rüter
Stephan Pfalzgraf
Franz Horath
Laura Breh
Jehad Othman

13.07.2017 Tanz ab 19 Uhr

Kirill Berezovski
Amelia Eisen
Green flamingo project

14.7.2017 ab 18 uhr

Stealth Radio (Misogynistische Haus-Musik)
Pickup The Harp  (Blues)
Dave Hassell Quartet (Jazz)
Spaxen (Courtesy of Projektraum pool)
Nerdbecken (Merten Lindorf, Roman Schuler, Dos Allen, Jonathan Zacharias)
La Mielle
Emma Lilo


Open Call: Videodocumentation Passages / Wanderings / Migrations

Open Call: Videodocumentation Passages / Wanderings / Migrations Wanted for public film screening on July 9, 2017

Short video contributions on the subject of PASSAGES / WANDERINGS / MIGRATIONS.

This year our festival will take place from 7th to 14th of July. We have established featured days for performance art, movies, literature and music, during the festival time. Nordbecken Festival is a independent international art and culture festival based in an old bread factory at the Rhine’s harbor in Karlsruhe.

This call is directed at all who want to share their contributions on the subject of passages / wanderings / migrations – the physical movement from one place to another. The focus is on the diversity of the various, possible passages: the search for development, recognition, love, security, and peace, for new horizons and new homelands… a journey toward new places, but also an escape from disaster and war. It is always about where people want to go, or about from where people must leave. The main focus is not on artworks, but first and foremost on situational documents with any preferred media, edited or non- edited.

Submissions and CV, which can be downloaded from WeTransfer, Dropbox, Vimeo, and YouTube, must be submitted by July 1, 2017

Check out our homepage for past events:

Nordbecken Festival 2016

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08.07.2016  Eröffnung der Ausstellung ab 19 Uhr

Gezeigt werden Werke von Johanna Wagner, Nemanja Sarbajic, Alex Feuerstein, Constanze Zacharias, Bastian Börsig, Ulrich Okujeni, Thomas Dawidowski, Nino Maaskola, Felix Rombach

ab ca. 22 Uhr Musik

Ganja Riddim/Niller Records
MirMix Orkeztran


11.07.2016 Performance, ab 19 Uhr

Kilian Kretschmer
Sascha Brosamer
Kerstin Dollhopf
Pedram Baldari & Nooshin Hakim Javadi
Mira Hirtz & Malte Pawelczyk
Johanna Wagner

12.07.2016 Lesung, ab 19 Uhr

Kristof Rüter
Stephan Pfalzgraf
Theresa Pleitner
Constanze Zacharias
David Heckel
Franz Horath
Christoph Schwanke

14.07.2016 Film, ab 19 Uhr

Milos Tomic
Clemens Wilhelm
Constantin Hartenstein
Bianca Kennedy & Felix Kraus
Rizki Resa Utama
Rebecca Hirneise
Gustavo Vega
Benjamin Breitkopf

15.07.2016 Musik

18.00 Constanze Zacharias & Band
mit Stefan Pfalzgraf, Rosanna Zacharias, Jonathan Zacharias
Pickup the harp (Blues)
22.00 Kleister,
 Rap, Mannheim
23.30 International Sweethearts of Melody
musical action pack, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, NYC
1.30 ITOE, 
Trip Hop/Noise, Leipzig
3.00 International Music, Improvised Surf, Ruhrpott